we break fast.

Congratulations, Darcy Lambert, Official Winner of the First WBF Haiku Challenge

Thanks to all who entered the first-ever Great Breakfast Haiku Challenge. Our winning poet, Darcy Lambert, actually submitted multiple haikus, all of which were great, but Megan and I agreed that this was our favorite:

The powdered donut
Cleans itself in my coffee
Then rests on my hips

Honorable mention:

Chickens poop good food
Eggs, eggs, a wonderful fruit
Unless they’re snotty.
by Alex Haro

I no know haiku,
but I do enjoy breakfast.
Half-a-haiku by Cam McMaster

And here’s my own contribution because, walk the walk, right?

Not bacon; pork roll.
Sizzles. Smells of salt. Hearts eggs.
I miss thee the most.

Darcy, your t-shirt’s on its way!


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