we break fast.

The Second Annual Great Breakfast Haiku Challenge Winners

the great breakfast haiku challenge bacon egg and cheese

Extra crispy bacon, egg, and cheese. Photo: Megan Moore

Thank you so much to everyone who entered haikus this year – we had nearly three times as many submissions as last year! Congratulations to Matt, whose BEC haiku [anonymously] won the hearts of our esteemed judges:

Bacon Egg and Cheese.
From a tin can on the street,
Extra Crispy Please!

And to runner-up Katie Casey, who gamely submitted four haikus! Here was the judges’ favorite:

The cats wake early
whaling for their tasty shreds
I need coffee first

Honorable mention:

savory eggy goodness
dripping with yolky yumness
satisfies my soul

Break some rules breakfast!
Dazzle my palate with change.
Leftover pasta?!

Both by Katie Casey

Huge thanks to our amazing judges, Darcy, Megan, and Emma, who all generously donated their time to make TGBHC possible for a second year.

If breakfast has moved you to create a masterpiece (poem, painting, or otherwise), we want to see it. Send it to breakfastwithkc@gmail.com, and don’t forget to give us the back story!


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